Every year Forward Fellowship Church presents the Hell Series during the month of October. It is during this time that many people become interested in several issues that are rarely or never discussed in church. Such topics include Hell, Satan, demons, the occult, ghosts, death, dark magic, the afterlife, witchcraft, etc. The question is whether any of these topics are real and if they are, should we be concerned? Can such forces hurt us? Are these issues relevant to our everyday life?

Pastor David passionately discusses these topics and much more during our yearly Hell Series in an interesting and memorable way, teaching what the Bible has to say regarding these issues. Many methods are used during the Hell Series including powerful illustrations, dramatic portrayals, special effects, and much more.

The Hell Series is a great opportunity to invite your family and friends who normally would not attend church. Whether they come for entertainment, their desire to find answers, or pure curiosity, everyone can benefit from this series and discover the truth. In the past the Hell Series has transformed countless lives including long time church goers and first time visitors who are now committed to following Christ.

We encourage you to invite all your family and friends to this series. For more information about our church, click on the "Visit" link above to know what to expect and learn more about our church. You can also visit our Sermon Archive to listen to some of our previous Hell Series sermons during the month of October. It will truly be a blessing to you and those who you invite.

If you have any questions regarding the Hell Series, feel free to contact us.