We believe that an integral part of our worship and love of the Lord is to be expressed through various musical forms. Therefore, worship music is a very important part of each service and gathering. All gifts and talents come from the Lord, and we have a responsibility to use them for His glory alone. The Worship Ministry is here to lead the body in times of corporate worship, to encourage and build up those using their gifts for the Lord, and to train up new generations of worshipers of our Almighty God. Our Sunday services bring all generations together for a time of exuberant praise and worship unto God! We have contemporary, cross-cultural music that moves people to express their love to God and touch His heart. Through our worship we create a holy atmosphere in which God can speak to His people and refresh them.

Forward's Worship Ministry team is dedicated to glorifying God in our music and allowing the Holy Spirit to move freely in our congregation as we worship Him in spirit and in truth. We believe that praise and worship expressed through joyful song can move God to break-through and bring Heaven to this Earth. We love to celebrate our  Savior and encourage you to join us! It is our desire to connect the hearts and minds of people to the heart of God, so that their lives will be full of worship every day of the week. Our prayer is that you will find a place to serve Christ as your heart draws closer to Christ through worship. From preschool to senior adults, there are opportunities for all ages to lead in powerful, life-changing worship. Our desire for each session of ministry is that the congregation would encounter the presence of God, that lives would be transformed, that the miraculous would happen, that the congregation would be ignited into a relentless outburst of praise and worship unto the Lord.

Like to sing? Play an instrument? There’s a place for you in our Worship Ministry! Rehearsals are geared to help you succeed, and all ability levels are welcome. If you are interested in becoming part of Forward Fellowship's Worship Ministry, we would love to meet you. Feel free to contact us for more information or click here to volunteer today!