The Forward Fellowship Prayer Ministry is a crucial part of our church. This ministry provides prayer partners for church ministries, the congregation, the church staff, the nation, and the world. The members of our Prayer Ministry are passionate about being an extension of Jesus’ ministry by praying for people! The Prayer Ministry helps link our faith with those needing salvation, healing, deliverance, restoration of broken relationships, financial breakthroughs, encouragement or direction. Prayer requests come from several sources such as communication cards, e-mails, personal encounters, individual needs, telephone, etc. These team members fervently pray over all requests received to support each other and strengthen the congregation through the power of prayer.

If you feel called to this ministry and would like to serve by joining others in prayer, we would love to have you join our Forward Fellowship Prayer Ministry! Feel free to contact us for more information or apply to volunteer today! You can also submit a prayer request online by clicking here.