Forward Fellowship's calendar is publically shared through Google Calendars. This allows our church calendar to be displayed on any mobile device such as cellphones and tablets. All calendar events and details will appear on your device's calendar and be fully synced with ours. In order to add our calendar to your mobile device, you will need the internet address which connects your device to our calendar. Below is our calendar's internet address, provided in three different formats. The address you will need depends on the format supported by your device. For most devices, the iCal format works best.

For your convenience, below is a short step-by-step
iPhones & iPads 1. Copy our Calendar Internet Address (found below) which you will need in step 6.
2. Open the "Settings" app
3. Select "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"
4. Select "Add Account"
5. Select "Other"
6. Under the "Calendars" section, select "Add Subscribed Calendar"
7. Past the internet address that was copied here. (hold down a few seconds and the option to "Paste" will appear)
8. Select "Next" on the top right of your screen
9. After a few seconds, the next screen should say "Forward Fellowship Calendar" under Description.
10. Select "Save" on the top right of your screen.

Done! You should now see all of our calendar events on your personal calendar.

Format Internet Address